Shenzhen Ruixin Glassware Co., Ltd. is a red wine cup in China. It was established in 2005. It is a strong manufacturer and a wholesaler specializing in the production of red wine glasses. It has imported Italian equipment.
About Us & About Ruixin Company
Shenzhen Ruixin glassware company are a very professional glassware company,and have been in this field over 15years.
We have our head office in Shenzhen ,and have three factory ,one is located in Shenzhen too,another two factory are in Shanxi,which are the biggest hand painting factory in China too.
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Recently, Ruixin passed Sedex factory audit. Inspectors from SGS are very happy with our factory and praised that we are the most tidy and clean glass factory he visited.
Our company also celebrates our 10 years anniversary in 2015. In order for our factory to have a big development, we invested a series of machines, such as automatic spray machine, electroplated machine, etching and sandblasting machines.

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[Adding New Products Weekly]
We pay much attention on developing new products and samples. We have different kinds of new products every week, not only some new-shaped clear glasses, but also some electroplated, hand-painted and sandblasted items.

[Furnished with Various Machines to Complete Your Needs]
Our own glass factory can make machine-pressed and mouth-blown items. For some urgent projects, if you need to open a new mouth-blown mold, we can finish samples in seven days and for machine-made molds, we need about 18 days.

We also own an after treatment factory which has advanced machines, which can do electroplating, hand painting, silkscreen printing, color spraying, etching and sandblasting, so we can finish samples with your artwork in seven days.
Ruixin’s core values:sincerity,service,innovation,profession.

Take sincereity as foundation,customer first,service first,constantly innovation,pursuit of profession, self-transcend, reaching to the mutual desire between us&customer.
Why choose Ruixinglass?

The company reserves a large number of red wine cups of different capacities and different styles, ready to ship at any time, convenient and fast. You can also customize the red wine cup, which can be customized by custom, custom-made, red wine glass, artificial red wine glass and so on.
In the post-processing, in March 2014, Wenxi County Weiheng Craft Products Co., Ltd. was established in Shanxi as a rear production base, covering an area of ​​about 30,000 square meters. The entire plant was modernized and renovated.
1. Four infrared low temperature ovens,
2. One high temperature oven,
3. Automatic water packaging line,
4. Two automatic production lines for automatic painting,
5. Five high-end dust-free blasting machines,
6. Ten engraving machines,
7. Five manual painting equipment,
8. High-end UV quick-drying automatic line,
9. Evaporation plating equipment,
10. High-end ion plating equipment,
11. Ultrasound Purity Washing Cup Equipment,
12. Fully automatic dust-free spraying equipment,
Mainly for the high-end market at home and abroad, a series of post-processing of higher quality glass gift plating, painting, engraving and so on.

Why choose us?Why choose Ruixinglass?Why choose us?Why choose Ruixinglass?Why choose us?Why choose Ruixinglass?
Why choose us?Why choose Ruixinglass?
Why choose us?Why choose Ruixinglass?
Why choose us?Why choose Ruixinglass?
Why choose us?Why choose Ruixinglass?
Why choose us?Why choose Ruixinglass?

Shenzhen Ruixin glassware factory is very professional,and have been in this field over 15 years. specialized in the product glassware,glass candle holder,glass perfume bottle,etc. 

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